Sexy HairPowder Play

Put a little POW in your style! Become a sexy bombshell in seconds and attract attention you deserve with Big Sexy Hair Powder Play. With a shake, tousle, and a touch of attitude, this translucent, volumizing powder will give you a blast of instant volume and texture that is guaranteed to get you noticed! Big Sexy Hair Powder Play is a perfect Big Sexy Hair product that gives POW to any hair type no matter the style or texture. Ideal for adding instant volume to dry hair! Big Sexy Hair Powder Play is the fastest, easiest way to get Big Sexy Hair in just a few seconds. Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing and Texturizing Powder is a two phase product, a solid and liquid phase. The product begins as a solid powder when it is dispensed from the container. The powder requires a small amount of pressure in to order to become liquid. This pressure is achieved by massaging it into the scalp. Apply a little pressure, and POW, Big sexy hair!