Schwarzkopf EssensityBrushing Elixir

Condition your hair the natural way with Essensity Brushing Elixir conditioner. Containing freshly freeze-dried organic essences of aloe vera, known for its moisturising properties it will moisturise your dry, coarse hair improving its combability. Essensity Brushing Elixir is ideal for daily use on dry, coarse hair. It will rebalance and hydrate your hair with its rich formula containing vitamins A, B and C. Even the most unruly and rebellious hair will be tamed and left more manageable. Free from artificial fragrances, silicones, paraffin, mineral oils and parabens, it’s super natural! Essensity is the natural way to clean your hair and protect the planet without compromising on performance. Get beautiful hair and do your bit for the environment with this fantastic Essensity range.