Kebelo SystemSalonbehandeling

Kebelo System® has pioneered the next generation of smoothing system. It uses a unique three-step process to restore your hair to its optimum, conditioned look and feel, and keep it that way for up to 100 days afterwards. 1. Cleanse Prepares hair by removing build-up and opening the cuticles. While other clarifying shampoos make hair feel squeaky and dry, Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo makes it feel soft and it detangles naturally. It eliminates the need to comb which reduces hair damage. 2. Treatment Kebelo System® has pioneered the latest technology creating the next generation smoothing treatment. Botanical proteins and amino acids are heat infused deep inside the cortex layer of each hair strand allowing for internal strength and rejuvenation. While other treatments can take up to three days to take full effect, Kebelo System® is completed in one single salon session, so you can stand out the moment you step out of the salon. 3. Maintain Kebelo System® offers two specially formulated aftercare ranges, consisting of shampoo, conditioner and weekly masque.